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My kid is interested in taking an online course for high school credit.  The high school will take credit if the class is "teacher-led."  The courses can be taken at BYU, Apex Virtual Learning, Laurel Springs, Archbishop Mitty, Elite Open School.  Has any of your kids taken an online class through them?  Were the classes very difficult?  Have you taken a language or math class there?  Was there any teacher support and feedback?  How much homework is required?  Thanks for any insight.  We are so new to this format.

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I'm not sure if your list is exhaustive or just the places you know about. My kids have taken lots of online math courses. Of the list you gave, one took a class through Apex several years ago and we thought it was terrible. I go out of my way to warn people off the company. That said, they still constantly send me emails with discounts and if you want to chance it, you can get $50 off this week using the code WINTER21. The class wasn't too hard, but my kid was taking it because he knew the material and needed a grade in the class to bring to the school district. I don't think there was an overwhelming amount of homework but the organization was somewhat lacking.

My kids have had great luck taking math (and programming) classes through Art of Problem Solving (AoPS). You should know they are HARD so your kid should be above average if you go this route. Our school district accepted classes through them for credit and then stopped so I don't know if that is an option for you, but my kids took the classes anyway because they wanted to learn stuff. The teachers are good and there are like 6-10 problems/week for homework, each of which takes about an hour.

They've also liked classes through CTY at Johns Hopkins. I would say these classes are hardish but not as hard as AoPS. Of the three classes my kids have taken, one teacher was excellent, one good (maybe very good), and one a bit of a dud. (Though the one who isn't great is going through a lot of personal stuff right now so it is possible it's just an off term for her.) My kids are planning on taking other classes through them and they have been accepted for credit at our school district.

Another thing they have tried (though not for math) is UC Scout which I think is done through UC so gives UC credit. This class was easy and I don't think my kid learned a lot. My kid was going to try taking a language class through them but started feeling too overwhelmed with regular school so put those plans on hold.

We've had friends whose kids have taken classes through BYU and been pleased.

Good luck finding a class that works for your kid!