Online Camps for Teens this Summer

I'd love to get some suggestions for some online interactive camps and classes for tweens and teens for this summer of COVID when many of our kids won't be able to go to regular in-person camps.  Please note if you have any experience with the organization to know if they are reputable.


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There are a number of online college prep classes and seminars for teens who are academically inclined. For example, it looks like Northwestern has some good seminars for high schoolers in July and the application is still open . They are limited, though, to rising juniors and seniors so younger teens can’t participate. The SF Marin Food Bank is also open to volunteers in person for teens who want to help out with the Covid effort this summer. JFCS is doing a virtual teen professional boot camp/mentor program, in place of the canceled internships, but applications are closed. That’s about all I have found so far. Still looking.