Which agency for adopting an elementary age child?

Hello! Thank you so much for the responses! I tried replying to my post for an update, but I had a glitch on my computer and I had to make a new one.

We've discussed adoption a bit more as a family and are starting to really consider it! : ) We're not sure if we'd adopt through a foster care program or an adoption agency, and would love any recommendations for agencies in the East Bay! We're also now looking to adopt ages 9-10 (close enough to the ages of our bio kids without upsetting birth order), please let me know your agencies and experiences with adopting older children. We'd also love input on the impact it may put on our bio kids, too!

Thank you so much- We really just have more love in us and want it to give to a child in need! : )

Ps. We're still not sure if any adoption agencies/foster programs will accept us due to our age, is it still possible to adopt if the child is older?

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I attended an in-person talk given at Adoption Connection in San Francisco.  Maybe PACT has an information session?  I think there were information sessions held, for prospective foster parents, I guess by the county?  We also found talking with a social worker helpful (although this was required as part of a home study).  If it's an experienced social worker in adoptions then they can tell you a lot.  There's an online site that offers courses adoptionlearningpartners.org   The agency required us to take several courses prior to adopting.  All this was good stuff for us.