OBGYN reccs at Kaiser Oakland for prenatal care?

I am looking for OBGYN recommendations at Kaiser Oakland. I received most of my prenatal care for my first child at Kaiser Mission Bay in SF but will be receiving prenatal care for my current pregnancy in Oakland. I have a history of recurrent miscarriage and like a doctor that is willing to offer slightly more frequent visits as reassurance. I also like a doc who is willing to explain pros and cons of different medical recommendations and relevant research. Finally, I ended up with a c-section for my first birth and think I am a good candidate for VBAC and would like a doc that will be supportive of pursuing this option if feasible. Thanks in advance! 

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I highly recommend Erica Canales at the Oakland KP campus. I saw her throughout my first pregnancy and she was wonderful. She was always took the time to listen, was super empathetic/sweet, and was never judgmental (surprisingly my original OBGYN was pretty judgmental). I asked a lot of questions especially since I became pregnant right as COVID started happening and she always took the time to listen patiently. She also remembered me and would ask questions my life during my visits (e.g. how my job was, how my partner was doing). Maybe she wrote these details down in her notes to remember, but it showed me that she made an effort to get to know her patients. Really can’t recommend her enough

I would like to recommend Dr. Medha Donde at Kaiser Oakland. I never felt rushed with my questions with her through my two pregnancies resulting in live births and a missed miscarriage that was drawn out and difficult. She was very warm, but also very matter of fact about pros and cons and risks of prenatal tests and outcomes. My first was a c-section, and she was supportive of my (successful!) VBAC choice with my second. Good luck!

After years of infertility struggles and miscarriages, I really liked working with Dr Erica Breneman. She’s moving to Kaiser’s new Berkeley location.  I also had good experiences with Dr. Simone Katz.

delivering at Kaiser Oakland was a wonderful experience for us.

good luck! 

I'm seeing Dr. Erica Canales right now for my second pregnancy (37 weeks). I can't speak to her experience with your specific questions, but I also have found her to be very empathetic and thorough.

Dr. Meredith Warden has been great. Extremely sensitive, a good listener, quick responder to online messages and she never makes you feel rushed in/out of the office.