Stay in Oakland high school if we move to Berkeley?

Hi, my child will be entering high school in Oakland this fall. There is a chance we may need to move into my mother in law’s house in Berkeley. My child wants to stay with their friends in the Oakland high school. Will they be able to if we move? 

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Which high school in Oakland?

do you like his friends and their families?

In general Berkeley High School has a better reputation but your child friend’s influences to make the right decisions, challenge themselves with academics and extra curricular activities can be much more important.

Good luck!

As long as you live in Oakland when they start school, I don't think it matters if you move away after that -- they have a spot until graduation. We know many others who have done this.

Hi, I don't have an answer to your question however if the situation would be the opposite (if you were living in Berkeley and had to move in to Oakland) according to BUSD Inter District information. I'm positive you would have to go with a similar process through the Oakland Unified School District. A life shared with friends is a happy one! Good luck.

For most district transfers, you need to get an okay from the desired district (Oakland) and then a release from the home district (Berkeley). How easy it is depends on the desirability/waiting lists at the schools. If your kid is already enrolled, it probably won't be an issue.