Oakland Expanded Transitional Kindergarten

Any experience with Oakland's expanded TK program?  Our pre-school is no longer affordable and we are looking into other options.  Our daughter has a Dec. 31 bday so TK is not an option (or so OUSD tells me), but the ETK program is limited to 4 schools (PLACE @ Prescott, La Escuelita, Reach Academy and Carl B. Munck), all of which are geographically inconvenient, not to mention they don't have great ratings.   

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Expanded TK was new this past year and is largely intended to reach low-income children who may not have had access to preschool, so it's a pretty limited and targeted program. It's correct that the TK cutoff is December 2nd, unfortunately. Another option may be OUSD's preschool program, which has a full-pay option that is still far less costly than private preschool. There are many OUSD preschool programs across the city, so that could give you some additional options. The list is on the OUSD website.