Oakland based pre-schools that focus on social-emotional

We have 3 year old in pre-school that does not seem to be working out for our kid. The school seems well structured but better suited for kids that are more outgoing and don't need much social coaching. I'm starting to realize our kid does need additional support in making friends, interacting with others, and handling her own emotions. Does anyone have any recommendations for Oakland based pre-schools  with a very warm environment and where the focus is really on social-emotional development? 

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Blue Skies - an almost unbelievably great preschool in Oakland. We spent many happy years there, and the teachers taught me more about parenting than any other entity ever has. All our Blue Skies friends say the same, and I know families who had kids there for upwards of 12+ years. Do yourself a favor and check it out - visit, do a deep dive. I could not have been more impressed. 

Hearts Leap. They are a play-based school that is Very focused on social and emotional development. I think they have a waiting list but you can ask about their various locations. (We are at the Julia Morgan Theater in Elmwood). 

Hello, we loved Escuela Bilingue Internacional (EBI) for preschool. Very warm and caring teachers and the IB curriculum was also very creative and holistic, wonderful music program, and Spanish immersion. We would have stayed but private K-12 was not an option for us. Highly recommend you tour it  :) 

I enthusiastically recommend Room to Grow. Our 3rd grader still uses the skills they learned at RTG -- empathy, kindness, inclusiveness, sharing, conflict resolution, verbalizing emotions and suggesting solutions, etc. Heck, we often think she has higher social emotional intelligence than 40-someting year old us and our therapist is constantly impressed by her self-awareness and ability to recognize her needs and articulate them.  Some of the teachers are still there. Teacher Jill is awesome! Our child has developed strong friendship with quiet kids, active kids, sensitive kids and all types of kids at RTG. We learned valuable tips and tricks from RTG as well. It's small and does not look fancy. Things look "well-loved" but we look back and think what magical two years were at RTG. Good luck with your search!