BUSD NW Zone elementary school experiences?

Hi all, 

We have a rising Kindergartener in the NW zone and would love to hear any updated experiences folks have with BAM, Ruth Acty, Rosa Parks, and Sylvia Mendez. If you have a child at one of those schools and are open to chatting/emailing, we'd be so grateful (We had a crazy month, and somehow missed the info nights for 3 of the schools in our zone. Alas!)

Mostly just curious if folks have a way in which they think any of these schools stand out, positively or negatively. At the BAM info night, we were impressed with the amount of field trips and hands on science curriculum they did in Kinder, and the school-wide community events. 

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Asked a couple times recently and overall everyone has seemed happy with NW zone placements. Biggest factors seem to be start time and location. FWIW I've got 2 at Rosa Parks and we are very happy. Would also be happy to chat!