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I am seeking a nutritionist for my overweight 11-year-old daughter. She's mature and has gone through puberty, so I am looking for someone who can work with this age group to be positive in talking about nutrition and weight, as well as to be sensitive to her emotional issues around these topics. We have been working with our pediatrician, but she is very cut and dry - for instance, she doesn't seem to understand that it's not enough to keep snacks/treats out of the house, as these things then become "forbidden fruit" and my daughter finds ways of getting these things from her friends at school. I also feel that at this point, we need to talk to an expert who really understand what is going on with her diet and where we should focus our attention. Plus, my daughter feels judged and now dreads going to the doctor. I didn't seen anything in the BPN archives. Would also love any advice from someone who has "been there."

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Please tread carefully here- 11 yr old girls are incredibly vulnerable to our society's obsession with women and our weight. 

Most girls gain weight in puberty and it is pretty normal. I worry that she already has "forbidden foods" and knows she is not allowed to eat certain things. I worry that she dreads the doctor visits as she knows she is being judged on some level. This is how eating disorders start. 

My daughter had a similar situation --gained weight in puberty-- and I tried to focus on fitness and strength rather than weight or thinness.

what did NOT help was my focusing on her weight or looks or food...

I strongly suggest you work with a therapist to help you managed this delicate time in your daughters life.

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I don't have a nutritionist recommendation, but as an adult dieter I've found it very illuminating to keep a food diary. I have a homemade spreadsheet for this, but there are apps and online tools (like My Fitness Pal) that let you track calories, protein, carbs, sugar, fats, sodium, cholesterol, etc., etc. A nutritionist could help set healthy targets (I'm not suggesting a weight-loss diet here, just awareness of what she is eating relative to a healthy eating--and she can see what the trade-off is between that snack and other healthy foods). Of course, then you need to get your 11-year-old to buy into the process (haven't managed this with my 12-year-old, yet).

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My daughter was about 20 pounds overweight at 11. Her pediatrician told me not to say anything to her about weight or foods, just to keep her active, get sufficient sleep, and keep healthy foods in the house with the occasional treat. It took 3-4 years, but my daughter did grow into a healthier weight, just like the pediatrician said she would!

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Frances Holmes is an excellent nutritionist. Her business is called healthy, happy, holistic. 925- 946-9011.