North Berkeley Neighborhood or Block Association?

We recently relocated to North Berkeley (near North Berkeley BART) from Brooklyn, and are trying to figure out how to engage in the community and rhythms of the neighborhood. Any suggestions for where to find out about Neighborhood Associations? Or about a Block Association? An internet search came up short, and our next step is to start knocking on our neighbors' doors, which may or may not be welcome.



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Hi Kate!  Not sure where you are located near North Berkeley. We are on Francisco Street, near San Pablo. Our little block has an email group and a block party planned for August 14th. You are welcome to join and meet some neighbors if you are interested. Let me know if you are interested, and I can send you info. 


We live near NBB and our block has a list serv. During COVID, I would definitely not knock on any doors, but if you see a neighbor outside, definitely ask.

It depends where you live. In my immediate vicinity there is a group that focuses on disaster preparedness. Before corona virus, we would meet every few months and have a potluck, and talk about any requirements we needed to meet related to preparedness. I think it is called a CERT district. Here is the fire department page on these groups --

Often someone from the City and from the Fire Department would come to the potlucks.

You could sign up for the classes, and also see if there is an established group where you are living.

Look up the group "NYC Expats in the East Bay" on Facebook there are a lot of us! And, welcome :-)

Hi! We live near NBB as well - not sure what side you're on. Happy to connect. Also a former NYC transplant.