Non-gender-specific parents' group / baby playgroups in East Bay


My husband plans to take 4 weeks off to take care of our 6-month old boy in August. He would like to find a parents' group or a playgroup for babies that he could attend with the baby during the weekdays. I read about a few on BPN, but some of them are close until September. 

We live in the NOBE (North Oakland/Berkeley/Emeryville) area, so anywhere within 20-minute driving distance would work for my husband. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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You could check if TumeTime has anything in that date range. We did it at that age and it was really fun!

If you belong to Kaiser, their Baby & Me support group--while very mom-heavy--is open to all parents, and was a great resource for us when my kids were infants. It meets in Oakland.

Alta Bates in Berkely has a new parents group that meets Thursdays. I've gone several times (one time with my husband) and both mothers and fathers were in attendance.

Thanks everyone!

Hey, also looking for a playgroup for a 7 month old. I checked out the suggestions above, but are Kaiser & Alta Bates groups really playgroups for the infants or more like support circles for the parents that you can bring infants to? I'm hoping to find a playgroup with other new crawlers. Thanks!