Adding a new window in bathroom

Hi! We would like to add windows to our bathrooms that for some reason do not have them. The walls face the outside so it’s not a matter of location.  We’d have to make holes in the wall and all that. Does somebody know the approximate cost of something like this, adding a small window, and a contractor you could recommend for the work?

Thanks in advance!

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We're going to be adding 2 windows onto the front of our house. There are already windows there but we're making the sizes bigger, so I'm assuming it would be a similar job. We were quoted 6K, if we buy our own windows, for the labor costs alone. Looking for a place to buy discounted windows if anyone has a tip on that!


Designer here! I'd say budget around $1500 but it truly depends on so many details. 

I hope that helps!

Elizabeth Sims