Neusopsychologist evaluation for 10th grader

Our 15 year old daughter has multiple complex learning issues and has been on an IEP all through school. SHe has just entered Grade 10.

Her last evaluation was 5 years ago, by a not very skilled professional. We think it's time to update it, hoping to pinpoint specific issues and provide her with tools to learn, and a plan for the future ( with realistic college expectations)

Anyone have personal experience of Dr Sandra Chiao in Berkeley or Dr Carole King?

Thank you!

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We had our 14 year old evaluated by Dr. Bernou in Lafayette. He also has extremely complex needs and she was great with him and did the most accurate and thorough evaluation we have had.  She came and presented it to the school as well.

We used Carina Grandison - highly recommend her. If she is not available I know she will be able to recommend other good people. 

I am a teacher and have been in meetings with Sandra and have been impressed.

My 16yo just started seeing Sandra Chiao for a detailed neuropsych work-up so he can get accommodations for the ACT/SAT. She was recommended by our beloved developmental pediatrician so that was a big point in her favor. We are still at the beginning of the evaluation, but I recently met with her for more than two hours while my kid was doing some testing on the computer in another room. Her office is a small studio in the back garden of her home near Star Market in Berkeley. It's a pleasant, leafy setting that put me at ease.   I found Dr. Chiao to be very friendly and down to earth, a good listener, with a lot of incisive questions. She explained in detail what kinds of tests she'd be doing, what she'd be looking at, and what sort of reporting we could expect back. My very shy kid and I both clicked with her right away, and I would recommend her.