Where to get a neuropsychology assessment for 5.5 yr old daughter

I'm looking for any recommendations/referrals in the east bay/sf area for someone amazing to go to for a neuropsychological assessment for my daughter.  We are hoping to get this done before she starts kindergarten in August. 

Thank you!

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Our daughter (6.5 at the time, last year) had neuropsych testing done by Dr. Ionascu at CHO. My daughter thought the whole thing was great fun. Dr. Ionascu also has a private practices in Moraga and Pleasant Hill, if you can't get a referral to Children's. https://www.diablovalleyneuropsychology.com/

I believe Whole Child Psychological Services has openings for assessing that age prior to the start of the school year.  www.wholechildca.com

Dr. Carina Grandison is terrific. She's patient, engaging, fun, comprehensive and welcomes parents' involvement throughout the testing process.  Dr. Grandison has extensive experience working with children from a diverse array of backgrounds, including children who have experienced trauma.  I highly recommend her.  Please note that it will be difficult to complete testing before August, as many neuropsychologists will wish to observe your child in the classroom setting.  Be patient -- it's more important to get good data than to complete the assessment quickly.