Neuropsych/ Psycho-ed evaluator for 2E 13/14 year old?

Has anyone had an excellent experience with an evaluator who is especially good with 2E kids?

We would like to book a year or so out, with an evaluator who can produce this report and is particularly empathetic and knowledgeable on 2E (in this case, "gifted"/high IQ /ADHD/Anxiety).

Thankfully we are not in a rush and would like to find the right person for this.

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Carina Grandison, PhD, Berkeley.  We have the exact same kid -- she was great.  It was a good experience for my kid, as well as for me.  Her schedule fills months out.

We actually did well with the UC Psychology Department. The evaluation was very thorough, and the accommodations helpful. Just be aware that your child will need to be retested at 16 with the adult instruments for college accommodations. I felt like the Cal Students and the supervisor really “got” our kid. 

Not sure if she’s retired but Teresa Doyle. Specializes in complex kids & adults.  She evaluated my daughter 10 yrs ago. She is kind, thorough, understands quirky kids & expensive.

Dr. Elea Bernou is a neuropsychologist. She has an office in Lafayette. I’ve had a neuroevaluation with her and so did my middle school aged son.  Both of us are 2E. Elea is delightful. She always sees the best in kids and has such a kind and empathetic demeanor. Very knowledgeable as well.

Dr. Elea Bernou: (925) 299-1056

I second Carina Grandison.  She was recommended many times here, by my daughter's pediatrition, and by her psychiatrist.  She was great for us!