Neuropsych Evaluator with availability?

We are looking for a recommendation for a neuropsych evaluation for our 11 year old son with anxiety and ADHD, that can be done sooner than this summer if at all possible. The need is time sensitive in that it we need it in order for him to return to school. I have reached out to several listed on BPN, but looking for additional avenues to pursue. We can cast a wide net geographically speaking if helpful. 

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I am sorry to hear about your struggles.  My son has the same issues at age 10; I did not move fast enough to secure a neuro-psych assessment. After many different doctors, I was glad to be directed to Dr. Elia Bernou.  Have you tried to see if Dr. Elia Bernou at is available?  She is located in Lafayette -3744 Mt. Diablo Boulevard.  Her phone number is (925) 299-1056.  She is very sensitive and very thorough.  Good luck.

Dr. Brandon Kopald at UCSF is amazing. 
His Secretary email is:

Janet.Claudio [at]

you can tell Silvia Matta from Brazil referred you . He is very through and has great communication with parents. 


UCSF Neurology Practice

400 Parnassus Avenue, 8th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94143

Phone: (415) 353-2273

I can’t speak to her availability, but I highly recommend Carina Grandison. She was great with my ADHDer and her evaluation helped us set up appropriate supports both at school and home. I don’t think we waited very long to see her (though it was a number of years ago and we may have gotten in when someone else cancelled).