Neuropsych assesment for 3 year old

I went through the archives and there are many responses for older kids so wanted to see if anyone had experiecne with the following:

We need to have my 3 year old (or almost 3 year old) assessed for autism.  We suspect is he mild and want someone who is able to give a thorough and nuanced assesment for a child that young.  He is verbal but his language is closer to a 2 year old than a 3 year old.  We are also looking for someone who understands therapies well and can talk about which one would make the most sense of our child--not someone who assumes ABA is right for everyone (I am just starting my research but learning that it might be not the best fit and if it isn't, what is)

Does anyone have experience with any of the following people working with younger kids:

Amy Feldman at the Summit Center

Carina Grandison

Kristin Gross

Lisa Greenberg?

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Hi - we worked with Carina Grandison for an ADHD assessment at age 6 and she was excellent.