Neuropsych - 6y/o ADHD combined type

My 6 year old was just diagnosed with ADHD combined type and Adjustment disorder, mixed emotions & conduct.  We'd like to have her evaluated by a neuropsych to figure out how best to help her and to make sure that there aren't any other learning issues being hidden by her being "very bright" according to the teachers and evaluators.  

I'd appreciate any recommendations for neuropsychs.

Also, I've seen people recommend UCB for evaluations and I have a call into them for the summer evaluation session.  However, it says they only call you if they will schedule you, but there's no reference to when they will start calling.  If anyone knows how soon call backs could happen, that would be greatly appreciated.  I don't want to delay an evaluation with someone else while waiting for a UCB scheduling call that may not come.

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Highly recommend the Anne Martin Center in Emeryville. Less expensive than the private alternatives and they did an excellent evaluation for my daughter