Neuropscyh eval for 7 year old

Our HF ASD son has recently had difficulty staying focused in school and our school has recommended that he be evaluated by a neuropsychologist. We were given the following names by our insurance and our son's private school and we are wondering if anyone has feedback to provide on any of following providers:Harmony Satre, Elea Bernou, Rebecca Branstetter.   We are looking for someone who is thoughtful about assessments in children with autism. We want to clarify if his inattention is related to his ASD or if he has an additional diagnosis of ADD. Thank you for any feedback or new recommendations of someone that worked well with your little one. 

Parent Replies

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Dr. Bernou is a lovely person and very thorough and thoughtful. I highly recommend her. Her evaluation of our daughter has been very valuable. 

Our daughter is older but we cannot recommend Maya Guendelman highly enough.   She is an expert on ASD and after years' worth of school testing for IEPs, Maya's evaluation blew all of them out of the water.   She really got into the nuance of our daughter's situation and how her autism and other learning disabilities intersected with one another.  As parents we left with names and explanations for aspects of our daughter's behavior and challenges that had previously baffled us.  Maya attended an IEP meeting and presented her findings to my daughter's teaching team that gave us all clear directives about *how* she needed to be taught, what right-sized expectations looked for our daughter and which next steps to prioritize.   My daughter has a lot more going on than her HF ASD so her situation may be more complicated than your son's.  I am a social worker by profession and could recognize that Maya is great at testing AND relating to kids AND conveying challenging and sometimes sad news to parents AND presenting clear directives to IEP teams. 

Dr Terry Doyle in Rockridge did our so so neuropsych eval. If she’s still doing it, she is considered one of the best. We LOVED  her.