Neurologist, Financial Planner for Early Onset Alzheimer's

Hi, all:

I have a neighbor who's been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's.  He's looking for a top-notch neurologist with a good bedside manner; his GP has recommended a few doctors who have less than stellar online reviews.  He knows that UCSF has an excellent practice but would prefer seeing someone in the Berkeley/Oakland area. 

Also, he'd like to find a financial planner who specializes in helping people with this diagnosis.  His finances are modest, and he's trying to figure out how to navigate the future.

Thank you.  

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I see a neurologist, referred by my internist.  I looked at his yelp reviews, which are mixed.  The waiting room is subdued, it's not like a pediatrician or sports medicine waiting room.  So the thing I wanted to say about neurologists is they work with people who have some problem going on in their brain, many of which are not curable.  I include myself in those people.  And they may be having weird symptoms or having to get brain scans etc, and they may be upset and blaming the doctor unfairly.  My neurologist had about 3 stars on yelp,  and some terrible reviews, but I feel I receive excellent care.  Thanks for being a good neighbor to someone in need.

Thank you for that thoughtful reply.  It does help to be empathetic in all our interactions.