Neurofeedback for kids - treatment experience reviews


I am looking for reviews from parents whose kids did neurofeedback and if possible a review specifically for anxiety treatment. I am also looking for recommendations for Neurofeedback providers for pre-teens. 

Also, did the neurofeedback help? How much did it help?  What issues did it help with?

What kind of neurofeedback was it? There seems to be a lot and it's confusing.

What kind of therapy or treatments helped besides medication?

We are trying to find the providers for CBT As well( from Walnut creek to san jose on east bay & tri-valley area and also oakland) Did CBT help your kid? Did you try at home computer based CBT and how helpful was it?


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I know little about Neurofeedback for kids, but my son sees a great pediatrician/acupuncturist (she is certified in both) at UCSF in Oakland that incorporates Chinese Medicine with Western medicine for things like ADHD. Not sure if it would be helpful for your son, but it might be helpful to chat with her about this hybrid approach. You can learn more about her here:

There are also some great meditation books for kids that can help them manage anxiety, including Puppy Mind by Andrew Nance ( 

I know that sometimes the natural options are not enough, but I hope these resources are helpful.  

I know the feeling of being overwhelmed as a parent with a child that may need medication.  If I can support you in any way, please feel free to reach out.



My children have used neurofeedback for several years with really great benefits. We purchased our own system after what it did for our son. Both of our kids find it very helpful for anxiety. Particularly when going back to school after being off for so long and away from kids. They were feeling anxious about going back. When my son was much younger it helped him with sensory issues, emotional self regulation, behavior, focus, school and confidence in sports. Without neurofeedback he probably would've needed meds because it was such a challenge for him. I literally still pinch myself because it has helped him so much. He is such an easy teenager and gets straight A's. I used to have to struggle to get him to focus on homework and after neurofeedback he would get his work done on his own without any prodding or watching over him. I don't know what our lives would be like without it. 

My daughter struggled with being very introverted and shy. She really came out of her shell after neurofeedback. Her teacher also commented on how her reading and writing just took off. She was only in 1st grade when we started. Now she uses it for focus when she has a project and also to prep to feel more calm, reduced anxiety and more focused for big dance competitions.

We use NeurOptimal neurofeedback. It is amazing for the whole family. You can rent a system or see someone locally for sessions. It is totally safe and non-invasive. We did a lot of research on different types.

I would recommend Super Brain Neurofeedback. Carleigh Rochon specializes in working with kids and teens. She is super knowledgable and really great with kids! 

Sorry I don't have any recs for CBT