Nervous about pelvic floor physical therapy

If you have experience with any of the pelvic floor physical therapists at Sutter, could you please share your impressions of the therapists there? I'm looking for someone who's particularly sensitive to her patients. Thank you!

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Hi I don't know specifically those therapists but I would imagine that they would be super respectful because that's basically what they do. Depending on your needs there could  be many sessions of talking and self-exercises before a therapist would even do an internal exam or assessment. I can recommend the therapists at PHRC but honestly I think anyone would likely have similar training and be lovely. 

You might like Daphna Ross, who has a private office in Oakland (and Lafayette).  My PPO insurance covered it. You can get more info here: 

Be aware that Daphna Ross may poke you in the vagina if you do the exercises wrong. Really, she should tell people that this is her method of communication before she starts. Seems like it wouldn't be so bad if patients knew ahead of time. Or, she could just use her words. 

My pelvic PT is not through Sutter but is AMAZING! She is intuitive, sensitive and great at addressing the underlying issue, not just the symptoms. She helped me through a rather debilitating period in my second pregnancy and my postpartum experience. She is worth the money and the drive (Lafayette), I can't recommend her enough. Her name is Allison Romero at