Neighbor's bird feeders and rat issues

The guy two doors down has installed bird feeders, and now I am seeing rats strolling across the intervening yard to their burrow under our front porch.  I imagine birds are knocking seeds off the feeders and feeding the rats.  At the same time, we are enjoying the increase in birds.

I'm about to embark on rat-proofing the porch and any other access points.  My experience with rats, however, is that they will find someplace else to live, whereas we want them gone.  There are bird-feeder attachments that can reduce the spillage issue but require more feeder cleaning.  We want to ask the neighbor to deal with the issue, but he is not a very friendly guy and has demonstrated a lack of concern for his neighbors over other issues.

Any suggestions?

And any suggestions about how to get the rats out from under our house before rat-proofing?  Otherwise I imagine they will die under our house from hunger and thirst.

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