Need your help for AP Exam

I need your help. Please help!!

My daughter wants to take a Japanese AP exam in 2023 the registration should done by the end of this month. However, her school, Albany High doesn't support Japanese AP exam since there are few students who take the exam in the school.

We were told to contact college board and they gave us a list of schools who have Japanese AP exam for us to contact. We have contacted one by one in the list and other schools we found out they have Japanese AP but none of them can take outside students. Some of them used to be able to take outside students but it seems they changed their policy this year.

My daughter is already senior but missed the exam this year so she only has a chance for the test in 2023.

Now we need more students who takes the exam next year. If you know anybody who would take Japanese AP exam in 2023, please let them know about it and contact me through the network.

Thank you so much for your help!


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I think you need to look further afield for the exam - this article lists several schools in the SV area that at one time were preparing to administer this exam:   The College Board should be able to help you more. Call and demand more support. Think of areas that have a robust Japanese community. A school near Japantown in SF? Call the Japanese Cultural center in SF, or Japan Society of NoCal, or go down to LA area and see what you find. The issue is that these exams appear to be administered online and demand special keyboards that only some schools will have. I think you may need to travel down to the LA area but could find schools administering the AP down there. I don't think you will have luck finding some random kids to take the AP exam by next spring ...

RE: Need your help for AP Exam ()

Now Albany High School can host the AP Japanese exam, 2023 and we have more than 11 students or more for the exam. 
Thank you!