Need summer childcare for 3 year old


My current daycare situation for my almost 3 year old is ending in June, and we are most interested in a preschool that doesn't start until mid-August. So we're in a bind for the two months of mid-June to mid-August. Our kid is actually very good with transitions and new people, so putting him in a new situation for those two months is very feasible. Does anyone have any ideas about a daycare that would take a kid for that time period, or a nanny share that would be open to that? We're hoping to avoid paying for a nanny all by ourselves.  And he's very social so would be much happier with other kids. We are in South Berkeley, and willing to travel a bit to make it work. Full time would be ideal, but we could manage with M,W, F. Thanks!

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Albany cooperative preschool usually has a stand alone summer program. You don't have to do work hrs. Covid makes everything crazy, but it's a nice school. Try emailing.