Need summer childcare for 3 year old


My current daycare situation for my almost 3 year old is ending in June, and we are most interested in a preschool that doesn't start until mid-August. So we're in a bind for the two months of mid-June to mid-August. Our kid is actually very good with transitions and new people, so putting him in a new situation for those two months is very feasible. Does anyone have any ideas about a daycare that would take a kid for that time period, or a nanny share that would be open to that? We're hoping to avoid paying for a nanny all by ourselves.  And he's very social so would be much happier with other kids. We are in South Berkeley, and willing to travel a bit to make it work. Full time would be ideal, but we could manage with M,W, F. Thanks!

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Hi there!

If you are open to a home daycare type situation, I could not recommend my nanny higher. We are leaving in May (moving back to the East Coast) but have been with her for 2.5 years. She is Spanish and English speaking (mostly addresses the kids in Spanish) and cares for the kids from her own home near San Pablo park. 

I posted previously to recommend her to others looking for longer term care but I know she might be open to a short-term situation. She also has a network of other nannies in the area and one in particular that, pre-COVID, worked with her full-time (the two of them would care for 4-5 kids together). I believe the plan is for them to resume that arrangement once things improve a bit (fingers crossed by summer!). Historically, she's had kids ranging in age from babies to preschool age (right now it's just 2 kids that have grown up with her, but we are both moving in the coming months). It's a smaller group at home but they go to the park every day for a few hours and socialize with other kids in her nanny network. She also has 2 older school age kids that, while distance learning, have been a big help and just amazing with my little boy (like big brother/sister role models for him!).  

Here is my original post:

Her name is Sue (pronounced "Sway") Lao and phone number 510-692-2146

Good luck finding care!


Albany cooperative preschool usually has a stand alone summer program. You don't have to do work hrs. Covid makes everything crazy, but it's a nice school. Try emailing.