Need Lawyer Referral - someone injured in our house

We had an unlicensed contractor (yes, I know, I know) working in our house who was injured.  We had purchased extra temporary liability insurance in addition to our regular homeowners policy and have an umbrella policy as well. We are looking for a referral - a lawyer who would be able to first give us some advice and, if a lawsuit is filed, to represent us. Does anyone know of a lawyer who could assist us, or have you been in a similar situation? Thank you BPN!

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If you've got insurance, the carrier will hire the lawyer.  I think you should contact the insurer and see what they advise.  Usually if you think you might be making a claim, it's best to let the insurer know ASAP.  

Well, my first thought as a lawyer with grey hair, is that the insurance company will choose your lawyer.  That is a mixed bag: it means that your insurance is covering the lawsuit (including costs of defense) but it also means you have less choice in what lawyer represents you.

If you want a legal consult for advice, it would be helpful to know what city you are in and the extent of the claimed injury.  This translates into which courthouse and what size of a case, which in turn influences which attorneys could best give good advice.  There are plenty of personal injury attorneys out there, you want someone on the defense side to give some advice. 

Two cents from over here and good luck!