Need to hire someone to advise on home internet/phone/TV setup

Hi, I need to hire someone who can help me figure out a) what I have and b) what I need in terms of my home phone/internet/TV service.  I’m not knowledgeable about these things, so would like to hire a knowledgeable, patient, and trustworthy person who can walk me through this.  I do understand that most people probably know and do these things themselves, but I need help.  What kind of person am I looking for?  Anyone know someone who can do this?  Really appreciate your recommendations, thank you. 

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Your first call should be to Sonic Internet.  The Sonic in Santa Rosa.  If you are in Berkeley you'll get gig fiber to your home.  That's that gig down and up.  It's half the price of Comcast and AT&T.  As part of their installation service they will provide all of the equipment you need and install it.  You absolute last choice and I mean LAST choice should be AT&T or Comcast.  (Both are in a tie for having the worst customer service, slowest Internet speeds and charging the highest prices.)

Sonic provides Internet and Phone.  If you need TV go with YouTube TV or Roku.  You'll get all of the same channels and more for less than what you would get from AT&T/Dish or Comcast.

You are looking for Kyle Leinen, the Neighborhood Computer Guy.  Here's his contact info:  

kyle [at] (subject: web%20question) .

510 299-0243

I live in Oakland and Kyle has been my IT support for 16 years. Computers, phones, TV, cable, new routers, printers... he does it all!  And he's very nice, doesn't make you feel stupid.

Do you have any handy teenagers? I outsourced this task to our 16yo and he got us moved from cable to internet-based TV and onto a cheaper phone/internet plan. He was better at researching all the options than I ever would have been.

Do you have any relatives or friends with a computer savvy teenager? That's probably where I'd look outside of paying someone. You can probably contact the provider and they might be able to help you out too. Even if you don't have the necessary equipment (probably just a router) they will and can set you up. 

First, don't assume "most people probably know and do these things themselves." They don't! So don't feel bad for asking for professional help. Recently, my usual computer helper advised I consult with Best Buy's Geek Squad for my wifi troubles and it was a great recommendation. Geek Squad will come and consult for free. The woman who came (Bianca Owens) was great and not a hard sell at all, just knowledgeable and straightforward. If you buy from them, they then will have somebody come and install it (for a fee, of course). My installation guy  (Cesar Silva) was also super great. I was skeptical about all this since Best Buy is not my favorite place. But it worked out and I would recommend them, especially if you can request the people I had. This was all through the Best Buy in Emeryville. I will say I went to BB personally to schedule the first consultation because I found it easier than dealing with them on the phone. Can't hurt to get the free consultation.