Need help with college apps, especially essay!!!

So many things have ground to a stop right now with all the school closures. One of those things is my daughter working with her college counselors to prep for college essays and apps. While schools are closed, I'd like to get her a private coach or specialist, but our shelter in place status rules THAT out. My question is does anyone know a coach or specialist doing this work online? Might be wishful thinking, but I thought I'd throw it out there, Thanks. 

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Alpha college prep is doing consulting on Skype. My daughter just had a session with Jennifer.

Most private college coaches are offering online sessions. Just ask anyone that you come across via Yelp, BPN or other resources

I have used Terry McClure sucessfully online: 510.384-7383. Good luck!

Writing coach Carla Castillo, based in Berkeley, is amazing and works via Skype or FaceTime.  She is immensely skilled and can help with anything from writing basics to dissertations. or simplycarla [at]

I recently posted this review for her on BPN - you can search her name for more reviews.

My teenage daughter (now a high school freshman) lacked confidence in her writing and had difficulty putting ideas to paper.  After working with Carla for a few weeks, she was transformed.  Now, more than a year later, she is thriving.  

Carla is not a tutor, but a coach who is deeply invested in the success of her team.  With warm guidance, she started by working with my daughter on the basics – vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation.  They’ve now advanced to drafts of the UC application essay prompts and detailed character analysis.  Carla never steps in to rewrite a project; instead, she nudges my daughter with constructive questions that teach her to review and edit her own work product with a careful eye.  Every finished project is written entirely by my daughter in her own voice.  Where I used to hear “I can’t think of what to write!” or “I hate this!”, I now hear muttered phrases like “compound or complex?” and “that’s not parallel sentence structure.”  My daughter’s work with Carla has been challenging and immensely rewarding.   

Which brings me to Carla’s true gift: her ability to connect with people.  Carla has established a personal, meaningful relationship with my daughter that has inspired her to pull the best from herself.  She looks forward to her weekly sessions and considers Carla a mentor.  Both of us enjoy Carla as a person and find her easy and flexible to work with.  Without hesitation, we highly recommend Carla as a writing coach. 

Sarah Shankman has worked with my son for his college application essays. She communicated with my son via emails and phone calls, and also with us. She does not cover the college application part, but she's phenomenal guiding your student to put himself/herself in the best light for college applications through their essays. Sarah's phone number is 510.484.7112 and her email is srshankman [at]  Check her website If you want more information, please ask the moderators for my contact info, I will be happy to answer your questions.

Angela Sun does online college consulting. We have met her in person in the past, but will go forward with the on-line appts.

Jamie Keller is an excellent writing coach who works via Skype and Zoom. I highly recommend her, especially for college essays.  My son worked with her with great success when he was applying for college.You can reach her at: jamiekeller1 [at]