Need great therapist for teen with alcoholic parent

Looking for a really great therapist for a teen whose parents are divorced, and one is approaching late stage alcoholism. Need help for the child sorting through both the divorce and the alcoholism/potential end of life. Thank you in advance.

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What a difficult situation for this young person to be in. I wish I had a therapist recommendation for you. I do have a complimentary recommendation for you that could be in tandem with therapy and could start immediately while looking for a therapist. 

I have been attending Al-Anon for a number of years. The program has been incredibly helpful to me in navigating alcoholism and substance use in my family. Now that I am in the middle of a divorce, I find the support I'm receiving and the skills I'm gaining in Al-Anon quite translatable to navigating the divorce as well. Under the umbrella organization are groups specifically for teens: Al-Ateen. Each group will have its own unique vibe, although the approach should be fairly consistent. For example, my home group is quite liberal in its application of Al-Anon and has very little reference to religion (to each his own). My point is, if one meeting doesn't feel right, go back a handful of times, then try another.

I wish this young person love and support.