Need good, reasonably priced cabinet maker for small job

I need 2 small (24" & 18"), very simple cabinets built to match my 1946 vintage kitchen: wood with slightly rounded corners on the doors. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced cabinet maker to work with me on this project? Thank you, Celeste

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We used MGM's Cabinets to build a new cabinet door that matched our existing (40's-50's era) kitchen cabinets, and were very pleased with the quality of work. It wasn't what I'd call "inexpensive", but nothing around here is.

I was pleased with the work of Michael Maszk, owner of Level & Square Fine Carpentry when he designed and installed a new custom cabinet, mirror and small shelf in my bathroom. He is creative, easy to work with and very accommodating. You can reach him at 541-219-6421 or mike.maszk [at]

Pam Condie

I'd like to recommend Lowell Hicks, a retired general contractor and journeyman carpenter.  He helped me fix up my mother's house in El Cerrito which was built in 1953.  His phone number is 510-612-9988