Need a General Contractor


I'm buying a house in Richmond and there are several things that need to get done.  Rather than hire individually, I'm looking for one person to do it all. The house needs:

Roof repair but not replacement.

Drainage - fairly large project involving a sump pump and drainage to street. Installation of a membrane under the house.

Earthquake retrofit

Strapping and some repairs the hot water heater

Misc. electrical issues

Venting issues with the furnace

Who can I call to do this? 

Thank you!

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RE: Need a General Contractor ()

I have had much work done on my house by Baywood Building & Design of Emeryville. They find simple solutions to complex problems.  Their work is of the highest quality and they always leave the worksite in good order.  Check them out.  

RE: Need a General Contractor ()

I have been using a local El Cerrito contractor to do several large outdoor projects with great satisfaction.  His name is Hugo Cano and he can be reached at (510) 213-0812.  Hugo is warm, listens well, follows up on details, shows up on time, and does quality work at a very very reasonable price.  He is a general contractor with a speciality in electrical.  I used him last fall to replace several rotted fence posts including rebuilding large sections of a redwood fence with concrete footings and some tricky carpentry.  He also rebuilt several redwood planter boxes, removed and replaced rotted trim on my home including caulking and painting  This spring he is just finishing up a new 3 tier deck which involved grading, dirt removal, reworking drainage and some wiring underneath the deck, and more tricky carpentry, and is getting ready to do the finish sanding and staining once the rains subside. He rebuilt vents around my home, repaired some termite damage, and has worked on some interior and exterior doors to make them fit better.  I can highly recommend him for all this type of work.  He has saved me a lot of money by working smart-- such as using a large temporary timber  to hold up an aerial deck while replacing a rotted vertical post, instead of renting scaffolding.  He has corrected mistake of other contractors.  Feel free to call me for more details or photos.