Need fantastic male doctor for 50 yr old man

My husband was just diagnosed w/ very high cholesterol. He is very health conscious and excercises 6 days a week. He is not overweight and in fact is quite fit. However his father and brother both have it so it was not entirely  surprising to get the diagnosis. The Dr prescribed statins and right after starting the statins his gout returned ( he had one episode of gout 4 years ago after a long trip abroad in a country with very few dietary choices.) The gout is so bad that he can hardly walk. His Dr said he does not think the two are related but we cannot believe he would get gout after 4 years without it and we feel it has to be related to the statins. Throughout this process it has become clear that we don't feel this Dr is a good fit and would like to find someone new. He would like a male doctor who has experience treating people with these types of issues and who is smart and has great listening skills as well. He is very afraid the cholesterol issue will eventually kill him and he is afraid! 

Berkeley, Oakland, Albany preferred but he will go to SF for the right person.

thanks all!

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There is a definite connection between statins & gout, but your current doctor may have reasons for thinking the two not related in your husband's case. 

In any event, I highly recommend Nelson Bunin of the Albany Medical Group [still so named although the office is now in Emeryville]:

I'm very happy with him.  It may be statins for me some day, but we talk the pros and cons each visit, and it's my call.