Need creative jewelry designer to rework channel set ring

I have a older simple channel set ring - 5 small square diamonds set together - no spaces - in a flat band. One of the diamonds fell out and I can't wear the ring anymore because the other chips will likely pop out as well. I did some reading about the type of repair and learned that channel set bands have this issue happen quite a lot and can expect that I'll lose another chip or two over the life of this ring. I don't want to keep spending 25% to 50% of the cost of the original ring over and over to deal with this - it wasn't a hugely expensive ring to begin with. I'd rather have all the chips pulled out and have some other solution for how to fill that channel more permanently. I'm far more attached to the actual ring (band specifically) than I am to the stones.

Has anyone worked with a jewelry designer that can pull the stones and do something to the ring that will make it pretty but not vulnerable like the diamonds are? I thought maybe some silver could be laid in and stamped in a pretty way, but I have no idea if that's even possible? I'd rather pay for labor and artistry once and have the ring be one I can wear for a lifetime.

Melting the ring down is a non-starter. I want the actual ring to be used.


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I haven’t done something like this, but have worked with 14 Karats in Elmwood to repair a band of a 100+ yr old ring and create a new ring. I was very satisfied with the quality of the repair and ring and experiences at the store. 

Hi- not sure if you are willing to travel a bit but we have a lovely jeweler to recommend.  Sofia jewelers is in Mill Valley right downtown. It is owned by a wonderful brother and sister ( Lucas and Sophia.) They made my wedding ring and found a great band for my husband. They are definitely capable of re- configuring your ring. Give them a try if Marin is not too far. 

While not specifically a designer herself, Rada, owner of Zaver & More ( helped us to design a wedding ring for my husband, reset and/or fixed several necklaces, and provided options when jewelry was beyond repair. Working with her is wonderful (also, bought my antique wedding band there!). 

I highly recommend Altana Marie on Piedmont Ave. She designed and made our wedding rings last year