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We desperately need our porch replaced as soon as possible. We need a smaller contractor who can come full time and get the job done as it's our only real entrance to the house. I have always been fair and square with my former contractors, but they can't fit in a job this limited. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated

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Finding contractors for small jobs is frustrating, especially front porches and stairs, because of their visibility to passing building officials. I did a similar projct last spring. Depending upon your jurisdiction you may need a building permit, just to rebuild the same porch, since codes have changed. Berkeley wanted engineering studies, architectural drawings showing stringers rise and run, specifications for strength of planks, waterproofing, etc. They are using a building code which our library does not even have a copy.  Learn about the specs from your jurisdiction before you talk to the contractor to  save you money, headaches, delays, and possible red-tagging.

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Hi, contact Hugo Cano, a contractor who lives locally in El Cerrito and performs small and midsized jobs.  He replaced my 3 tier deck last Spring and replaced the rotted portion of my neighbor's deck this fall.  He is easy to work with and very willing to come on the schedule you want.  Call or text Hugo Cano (510) 213-0812.  You can call/text me for more details at (510-220-5988) and you are welocme to come see his work.

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Saul Lopez is simply the best contractor!! He built 3 decks, an outdoor kitchen and fixed up 2 houses for me and my neighbors. The work is beautiful!! Saul and his staff work hard and efficiently. He has high standards for his work. He always has your back. He is honest, kind and easy to work with. We trust him completely. His phone number: (707) 681-4691. 

Good luck! Lan