Need a cabinet maker

We are looking for a cabinet maker or similar woodworker for four or five medium to smallish projects.  The work will entail retrofitting existing cabinets and otherwise fitting in, physically and aesthetically, with stuff that's already there and maybe a bit odd.  Any suggestions?


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I think I have the perfect person for you -  I refer him often - his name is Jeff Gagnon and everyone I send him to thanks me profusely - I have used him as well at my office to make a custom cabinet with shelves in our bathroom. His email is jeff [at] and his phone is 415-845-6250. He is excellent at assessing what it is you want to store and then accommodating those items. Plus, his prices are extremely fair and he is smart and kind and just a lovely human to have in your home. He is in the East Bay - just a 415 cell number.

Hope this helps - I have other people for more fancy stuff if that is what you are looking for?

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For our recent remodel, we used two cabinet makers and are very happy with the results from both of them. Mickey Waldear, 510-816-4847, did our bath cabinets out of Plyboo, a plywoodified Bamboo. Jim Millen, 510-331-8246, based in Castro Valley, did our custom kitchen cabinets. Good luck!