Need a Berkeley based obgyn that will deliver at Alta Bates

Hi Everyone, 

I'm a first time mom due in March 2017. My current obgyn is with Golden Gate Obgyn in SF, but we've moved to Berkeley and I don't fancy driving across the bridge for the birth. So I'm on the hunt for a good doctor to take things over in the East Bay. All the reviews I've found on here have been for doctors in Layfayette or Castro Valley - I'm hoping there is someone a little closer to home that I can switch to. My insurance is United Healthcare PPO. It seems that if I want to deliver in the East Bay, Alta Bates will be my best bet, but if anyone has other suggestions, please let me know. 


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Hi--I have had great experiences with the Sutter East Bay Medical Group of OBGYNs ( I have been going to Dr. Poddatoori for years and love her, but any time I have seen another doctor, they have been great as well. They work as a group and the doctor on call may not be yours (which is why I try to branch out a bit now that I am pregnant again to meet other providers.) I had my first child at Alta Bates and the doctor on call was not my own, but the experience was still great! Good luck!

I highly recommend Dr. Van Remoortere and Dr. Poddatoori at Sutter East Bay. I've seen them the most, but Dr. Thomas from the same practice delivered my daughter and that was also a good experience. Like the previous reply, everyone I have seen there I have been happy with.

I live in Berkeley and still delivered at UCSF Mission Bay. If you really like your doctors, I wouldn't let the bridge scare you. I absolutely loved UCSF hospital, and am so glad I chose it.

I have also been happy with Sutter East Bay Medical Group of OBGYNs (  I'll be delivering in +/- a month but so far everything has been good.  I've seen Dr. Thomas and Dr. Rudd the most.

Thank you so much ladies. I really appreciate the information. I have an appointment at Sutter East Bay Medical Group of OBGYNs with Dr van Remoortere in mid-October. :)