Need advice/referrals for a "homework tutor" for 9th grader

My son is going into 9th grade next fall. We have gone back and forth on getting him a writing tutor, signing him up for Sylvan Learning Center (decided against it) or maybe a tutor for writing with some math mixed in. But then my husband and I came up with an idea thats more of a "homework tutor", someone who could guide him and help him with homework projects as needed, and when there is nothing urgent needing to be done with school assignments/projects, they could work with him on honing writing skills, math skills...just his academic skills that need some extra practice. 

In 8th grade we have spent the whole year trying to figure out exactly what his needs are because his grades have seriously slipped. We have talked to his teachers and it seems he has a horrible time organizing himself, keeping his projects straight, finishing assignments etc (he is on an IEP for ADD and disgraphia). It has become a battle at home and none of us are benefiting from this kind of stress in the household. Kids tend to work way better with tutors and coaches than they do with parents, so we think he could really use something like a academic coach/tutor to help him. 

Even though we are heading towards summer, wed like to have a tutor through the summer as well, to keep up his skills before he starts 9th grade. 

Would love advice and/or referrals if anyone can guide us in this direction. 


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I wholeheartedly recommend Shari Simburg as a writing tutor/educational therapist for kids 4th-10th grades. Along with writing skills, Shari helps with reading comprehension, study skills and time management with long term assignments. Shari started working with my son when he was 10 yrs. old and continues to work with him as an 8th grader. My son initially struggled with some anxiety around writing and Shari has helped him overcome this challenge. My son has executive function/attentional issues and needs a lot of help with organization. Shari breaks down writing assignments into manageable chunks and helps support my son in a warm and nurturing manner. Shari has helped my son be a more confident and skilled writer and always inspires my son to think creatively outside of the box. Shari is responsible, organized and willing to put in the extra time when my son is struggling. Shari can be contacted at (510)649-7712 or shar.simburg [at] Please feel free to contact me at kdwinick [at] for any questions.