Need adult psychiatrist in San Francisco or East Bay

I'd love a recommendation for an extraordinary psychiatrist (adult), who practices in either the east bay or San Francisco (BART accessible would be great).  I've really been through the ringer and need someone who is pretty much an expert at everything (medication and psychotherapy).  Ideally, this would be someone who would be willing to get to know me and perhaps do some therapy along with medications. Thanks for your help.

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Hi, I would highly recommend Dr Ravi Hariprasad. He as a private practice in the City (BART accessible), after a stellar practice at Kaiser. I have been suffering from depression for a long time- a victim to a DIY paradigm and the stigma surrounding mental health. When I met Dr Ravi - I had no desire to get better. Ravi was unlike any of the other providers. He instantly made a personal connection with me, and made me feel that I was his only focus - not the clock or some predetermined formulae/protocol. 

Yes, Ravi is brilliant and exceptionally qualified. But his gift goes beyond his four Ivy league degrees. His gift lies in his ability to integrate the heart of a healer, the soul of a Vedic student and the mind of a clinician and engineer. Ravi and I met serendipitously - and even though I am not religious person - I believe that Ravi was the answer to the collective prayers, petitions and thoughts of my family and friends. 

You can check out his website - or call 415 653 3100. I would be happy to speak with you. You can get my contact details from the moderator.