National Student Leadership Conference

Curious if anyone has sent their child to any of the NSLC schools/programs.  Worth it?  Particular ones better than others?  Any info you can share is appreciated!

Parent Replies

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My daughter did the NSLC Theater program summer before last at Fordham/Lincoln Center.  It was very well run and she enjoyed it.  Our primary motivation in sending her was to give her a chance for a pre-college baby step toward independence.  (They're pretty closely monitored, so there's not that much independence but it was an opportunity for her to be away from home.) After having a good experience at NSLC, she did a longer, much more independent program last summer.

If you're looking at NSLC to burnish college credentials, don't. The only way it helps in that respect is that if your kid has a true "passion," it can be one more thing to evidence that passion, but otherwise, I think most college admissions officers don't find participation in the program to be impressive.  That being said, if you have the money, your kid has an interest, and/or you're looking for your kid to spend some time away from home, it's a good option.