Nanny time off


We are going to start with a new nanny and pay her hourly on a weekly basis. She’s going to work 32.5 hours for us every week (6.5 hours a day). 

What is the norm with PTO, sick days, holiday pay, etc. for an hourly, almost full time nanny (32.5 hours vs 40). Thanks! 

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We have a nanny 35 hrs/week and give her 10 days of PTO, in addition to 11 major holidays, and 12 sick days, not including extra time for possible COVID (we basically have that as unlimited because we wanted to minimize risk).

RE: Nanny time off ()

We just pro-rated everything, using 40 hours per week as "full-time." In our particular share, we had 32 hours and the other family had 45 so they bumped up and we bumped down. We gave federal holidays, two weeks of vacation, and one week of sick time, I think. This was pre-COVID, though, and today I'd bump sick time up considerably.