Nanny share when one family is away for 2 months


I would love some input from families who have done a nannyshares before as I am trying to better understand best practices around when one family travels or is out of town for an extended period of time. Here is my situation... My daughter is in a nannyshare with one other child. We will be away for 2 months this summer and I understand it is my responsibility to pay my portion of the share while I am away. Though, if I find another child to take my daughter's spot over the summer - does that money go to pay my part of the share OR is it an additional child/income for the nanny? In other words, do I still need to pay to "hold my spot" if we have another child taking her spot over the summer. I know this is about the arrangement one makes with their nanny so I am just trying to understand what is commonplace as this is my first nannyshare and my nanny insists that we pay while we are away even though I found a replacement. I would love to hear how others have handled this situation in the past. Thanks so much!  ​

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Although this is not exactly the same, when we were faced with a 2 - 3 month interruption, we had an honest and open conversation with the share family and nanny that we would try our best to find a new share partner for that time but any gap or interruption or if we are not successful in finding a substitute share family, we would make sure that the nanny is made whole and the share family does not incur additional burden. So, I think it's fair that it's not an additional income for the nanny.