Nanny share with 3 kids/ 2 families?

We currently have a nanny share with 2 toddlers and I am expecting a baby. We would like the baby to join the nanny share when he is 3 months old. 

Our question is, how much should we expect to pay the nanny and how is this usually divided across the families? I can come up with a variety of ways to do this and would really appreciate hearing from nannies and families that are doing or have done this. 

Our current nanny share rate is 13/h/family. 


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We have only known people with same-aged kids who've done three-way shares, but in those cases, the three-child rate was negotiated with the nanny and then it was divided evenly by three. If you don't all use the same hours, it gets more complicated because you will need to figure out one- and two-child rates, and overtime starts whenever the nanny hits 8 hours on the clock in a given day, regardless of which kids are there when, so you'd want to take all of that into consideration in figuring out the split. In your case you may also need to pay a bit more than 2/3 of the cost since a newborn is a very different workload than toddlers (and presumably this arrangement is a greater benefit to you than to the share family). But I'd talk with your nanny first and figure out what the rate will be, and then have an open conversation with the other family to figure out if you will split it evenly or if your family will pay a bit more.