Nanny rates for 1 toddler and 1 baby

I am new to the nanny search and would love some advice. My family and another are looking to split a nanny's time between our two families (NOT a share, we do live in the same neighborhood though) as our family needs 3 days of care for our 1 yo and the other family need 2 days of care for their 9mo and we understand the need for a FT situation for most nannies. Both families are also expecting second babies this Dec, so care will shift from 1 baby/family at a time to 2 babies/family at a time (1 toddler, 1 infant) in Spring 2022. I was recently quoted $36/hour for 1 baby and $40/hour for 2 babies and thought that seemed pretty high, but wanted to ask the community for reference.

What is the going rate for 1 baby, and 2 babies in the same family vs. a nanny share?

Thank you!

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Our nanny charges $18/hr per child. So, for a nanny share with 2 kids (2 families each with 1 child), that is $36/hr. She would actually charge us a dollar or two less when she watched our 2 kids only. According to our (trusted) nanny, the current, average rate per child per hour is $17 / $18. In our situation at least, I can say that she is worth every penny and I'd pay her more if I could. Generally, nannies are a higher rate compared to day cares. Hope this helps.

Our nanny’s rates were $26/hr for one child and $30/hr for two as part of a nanny share. I have generally seen rates $14-16/hr as part of a share. Agree, those rates sound high.