Nanny Raises & Bonuses


We are first time parents and have had a nanny for the past year. Would love your opinion on a few things:

- What is the recommended year-end bonus?

- Is there an expectation for a raise in salary at the end of the year?

Thanks a lot!

[Moderator note: Per BPN's 2018 nanny survey: 76% of respondents give their nanny a year-end bonus, the most common amount being one week's pay.]

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RE: Nanny Raises & Bonuses ()

I'm not sure what the norm is, but we give our nanny a bonus at the end of the year of about 3% of her annual salary.  She is great with our kids, and we want her to be happy and want to stay.  I would prorate the bonus if she's been working for less than a year.  We have given her raises about once a year.  I don't think that the raise has to happen at the end of the year.