Nanny payroll system recommendation

Hello parents! My husband and I will be starting a nanny share with another family. What payroll systems do other parents use to pay their nannies? Any advice or past experiences helpful - thank you!

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I've been using Poppins Payroll and it is excellent. Also the most affordable of the ones I priced when I did my search about a year ago. They are also very responsive to questions and concerns via email.

Poppins Payroll is fantastic :) they handle everything. They do have a monthly fee of about $40 if that's a factor for you.

We've been using Poppins Payroll to pay our Nanny.  We're also in a share.  Both families manage their own Poppins Payroll account and associated bi-weekly payroll so that our Nanny gets a direct deposit from each family.  Poppins automatically takes care of the quarterly taxes so you don't have to worry about handling those.  Poppins monthly fee is also significantly cheaper than the other popular payroll sites.  

We have been using NannyChex for the last quarter and so far it’s been easy to use and set up! It was on the more affordable side of options we looked at, but seems to provide the core features we need. 

We used Breedlove several years ago and had a good experience. 

I use an app called NannyPay. It’s pretty basic but helps you create time cards and pay statements very easily, and has some helpful guidance on taxes. You set up the actual payment (bank transfer, etc) separately. $5/month and all done from your phone!

I looked into this just last month for a nannyshare, and ended up choosing NannyPay which calculates all taxes, but we are responsible for paying both the nanny and making the tax payments. They make it easy, calculating what we each owe each quarter and what we should pay at payday, and filling out all tax forms. Forms include end of year Schedule H to file with your taxes, and the W-2 to give your nanny. As of spring 2019, the annual fee for NannyPay is $149.95 and you license it for use on a specific computer (it's not cloud-based). This was significantly less annually than the other options I looked into, which included $480 for Poppins, $695 for NannyChex, $940 for's HomePay (formerly Breedlove).  These more expensive options DO file the taxes directly for you and some of them manage payment to the nanny too - so they are more full service. 

Each family needs to manage their own tax payments, so you'll each need a solution, though they don't need to be the same one.