Nanny pay for 2 kids (same family)

Hoping to get an input on the current hourly nanny rates.. we have a two year old and a full time nanny to look after her (50hrs min per week, at $25/hr)… we love our nanny and hearing this is below what most Nannies make in the area? 

starting in a new year, our toddler heading to preschool and we will have a newborn. So idea is for current nanny to look after new baby full time (plus a few hour overlap with our toddler in the morning).

What is a current going rate per hour for Nannies looking after one newborn (starting at 3months), and a rate for two kids (given some overlap with our toddler)? I know rates typically different for two kids if from different families, etc. 

thank you! Appreciate your input

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for one child, $28 and up. For two, $36 and up. The rates have been climbing alongside cost of living. The best way to do this economically is to share with another family, so that each of you pay 18-20 per child. 

We paid our nanny $28/hour when she was just with one kid and $34 when she was with both. When we sent our kids to preschool she found another family and she's getting $36/hour. I think the going rate is $35-40/hour for two kids in the bay area right now. 

So we pay 20/hr(45hrs a week) as part of the nanny share and I'd expect that if she was taking care of our daughter and our son it would be $40/hr. For your family I'd probably say between 40-50/hr for two kids based on what you're currently paying her for one kid. Keep in mind that newborns need a lot of time/attention so might be cheaper to see if the preschool has some kind of aftercare component.  It would likely be cheaper then what it would cost on an hourly basis to have your nanny watch both kids.