Nanny holiday bonus

Trying to figure out how much is reasonable to pay our nanny as a bonus this holiday season. We’ve worked with her now for about 6 months and we pay her $32/hr total (nanny share with two babies).

Thanks in advance!! 

[Moderator note: one week's pay is the most common bonus, per BPN's 2018 nanny survey. More advice here: Gifts & Bonuses for Nannies ]

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We give one week's pay in cash as a holiday bonus (but don't do a year end bonus). This year we'll do a winter jacket as she doesn't have a very warm one + a week's pay (worked for us for 1.5 years at this point).  

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For a full-time nanny that you love and value, 1 week's pay is a common amount for a holiday bonus. This is what we did when we had a full-time nanny. We shared split the amount with our share partners. In addition, we also did $100 gift card to her favorite restaurant or Target for her birthday.

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Most people do 1-2 weeks of salary, so your portion of the bonus will be whatever you pay her for 1-2 weeks of work generally.  I also know that it is usually pro-rated for the first year based on how long she was with you, so if she only worked for you 6 months I'd do 50% of the normal amount you would have paid in a normal year.  Though it all really depends and  I know bonuses vary from the 2 weeks' salary worth on the high end to a $100 Amazon gift card based on the employer's financial circumstances.  

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We had a nanny this time last year and I struggled with what was appropriate to show appreciation and at the same time what we could afford (definitely not a full week’s salary). Our nanny was part-time and half of the hours were paid at a nanny share rate. We ended up doing about a day’s pay and included a nice card. In the end, I felt like I was still showing that I appreciated her, but I needed to stay within our budget. She spent so much time in our house so she could tell we were not wealthy. I also gave her $50 on her birthday, I believe. It didn’t fall on one of our days with her, but it was still something to show appreciation.