My seven year old needs a punching bag

We have a lovely, high energy, seven year old boy who asked for a punching bag for his birthday. He used to do martial arts but no longer and he really enjoyed it there. Can anyone recommend something we can get him so he can get his energy out in a safe way? He doesn’t have an aggression issue, just too much energy. I don’t think he needs a bag like the boxers use to train...maybe more like a bean bag? Anyone else have a high energy child and what did you do for them to let out steam?

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I recommend a trampoline, either the small indoor kind (about 4 feet across) or the larger outdoor kind. Our son regularly does several hundred jumps on the small trampoline if he is feely antsy.  At first, we would ask him to do it, but now he initiates it if he feels like he has extra energy to expend.  We also let him bike and walk around the block on his own starting at around age 8-9 which is very helpful.  Having a watch and being able to use it to come home on time are the critical prerequisites for that freedom.  Good luck! 

How much physical exercise is your son getting? I suggest turning that energy to something productive (and tiring) like joining a local swim team. Daily swimming will use up energy, give him the chance to excel at a sport, keep him fit, introduce him to new friends, be part of something fun and active. It’s year round, co-ed, multiple ages, body positive, social, focuses on personal improvement, introduces competition and discipline in a good way. And it’s a lifelong sport. Seven is a good age to begin. 

Not a punching bag rec, but every couple of months we go on a balloon volleyball binge with our energetic son.  He blows them up and we pick a couch or a bed and have at it.  Nothing’s gotten broken so far and it’s a fun time and more of a workout than you would think.  We also found fake snowballs this year around Christmas - not cheap, but also tons of indoor fun (Amazon may still carry them.).