Music therapist or guitar teacher familiar w/autism?

Hi there, my 15 year old has autism and has greatly benefitted from music therapy in the past. She is looking for 1:1 guitar lessons and really needs someone with a therapeutic background.  Does anyone have recommendations?  I would happily set up sessions with a music therapist who could teach guitar as part of the therapy or set up lessons with a non-therapist who has a gift with neurodiverse folks who are also working hard to manage their frustration while learning new things.  Prefer the East Bay.  Thanks for any suggestions. 

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Susan Rancer is a music therapist in Oakland and works with neurodiverse kids.

Eric Lenchner, “Professor Sludge,” gives guitar and drum lessons to my teen with ADHD and psychiatric issues—he’s great with them, very patient and kind. I know he has other students with autism, Down Syndrome, and dyslexia. His lessons are online or he makes house calls to the Berkeley/Oakland area. His number is 415-239-5390.