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I’m trying to start my son out with music lessons. He’s 5! (piano or guitar) I simply can’t afford the rate I’ve been quoted. I was hoping there might be a teenager or young adult who wants to earn some summer cash and pass along their knowledge by providing 1/2 hour music lessons to a 5 year old 1x or 2x a week for the next couple of months (and possibly into the fall) I’m open to suggestions!

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Please reach out to 

She is fantastic with little kids. She was a preschool teacher for a long time and was my child's preschool teacher and is my kid's current piano teacher. Marianne can teach Uke, Guitar, Piano, among others. She makes music fun and is a great beginner teacher. Her rate is slightly lower than other teachers I have found in Oakland. 

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Hello, I dont know where you live but Crowden at Berkeley has beginning piano program starting in September. I believe they provide group and individual lessons.

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If your child attends or will attend Berkeley Public Schools there is a great program called the TMC (The Music Connection) through UC Berkeley. UC students provide piano or voice lessons to BUSD students for free! This is for K-8 grades. You can do it 1 or 2 semesters each school year. At the end of the semester there is a recital up at UC. The UC students are not necessarily music majors. Some are in Engineering, Computer Science, English, etc. but all have a love of music and have studied piano or voice for years. It has been great for our daughter who has done both Piano and Voice for several years. Find more info here